Advising Healthcare is a for-profit business entity managed by Mr. William Edwards and Mr. Johnny Giles as a cooperative. We, as a Team, adhere to the highest professional ethical, legal and moral standards in practice globally and expect the same of the clients we serve. Before you consider retaining Advising Healthcare we encourage you to complete your own due-diligence after you read the following:

Advising Healthcare operates under all applicable State Laws and all Federal Laws that govern the healthcare industry.

Advising Healthcare accepts no liability of pre-existing circumstance being experienced by our clients including no liability during or after the delivery of our products and/or services to the client.

Advising Healthcare and our Team does not provide legal advice however we do have attorney’s we are happy to refer.

Advising Healthcare acknowledges that each client is unique and as a result their needs, issues and/or circumstances require a custom approach.

Advising Healthcare holds all information provided to us by our clients in strict confidence and will only disclose specific information under the expressed permission of the client and/or upon the clients request to do so.

Advising Healthcare does not offer any form of refund once we have been retained and payment may be requested by Mr. William Edwards and Mr. Johnny Giles personally when a client seeks to retain us.

Advising Healthcare operates under a self-imposed “transparency” that remains voluntary.

Advising Healthcare and its cooperative Principals will consider all requests for additional information based on their merits and the applicable laws that govern such disclosures.

Advising Healthcare is not a licensed “Financial Consultant” and therefore does not provide financial advice. Our services related to the development capitalization strategies are “in addition to” the services provided by those we refer to our clients who have the necessary financial consulting credentials and license.

Advising Healthcare may add to these aspects of “Disclosure” at anytime without notice or publication.


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