Marketing Services

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Advising Healthcare understands that to attract new clients and customers a company must implement a diversity of marketing and promotional strategies. One of the most powerful tools to use is video. Below is a promotional video we created for The Edwards Group.

Advising Healthcare also offers direct mailing campaigns designed to target the audience you want to attract as new potential clients, customers or cooperatives! Here is a mailing we did for Family Intensive Home Care.


Direct Mail is not dead! It is a powerful tool to engage others and Advising Healthcare can offer a wide range of options to suit any budget!

Another powerful tool is a simple “Flyer” custom designed to meet your specific needs. This flyer can be printed as well as used online for marketing purposes. We also create the html ad code (click the flyer below to see it in action) that allows you to place ads onto CraigsList and BackPage so when the ads are clicked onto others are redirected to your website or blog.


Advising Healthcare is your resource for all of your Marketing and Promotional needs! Contact us today to learn more and click this link below for a PowerPoint of our services:


Advising Healthcare, we have a passion for helping our Clients succeed!

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