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Advising Healthcare also provides Seminars and Training Programs that can be custom designed for just your business or standardized for industry standards! From protocols for serving clients, keeping records and collecting data to interaction strategies with internal departments and external agencies and entities Advising Healthcare has the knowledge to help you maintain operational excellence!

The features of our Seminars and Training Programs can include, however are not limited to, the following;
-General Information
-Data Collection & Storage
-Audit Preparedness
-Administrative & Team Management
-Client Management & Retention
-Agency Interaction
-Information Technology
-Service Specific Training
-Compliance Specific Training
-Cooperative Strategies
-New Service Development
-Equipment Leasing/Purchasing/Management
-Contractor & Resource Development
-Paperwork & Documentation Management including Green Initiatives
-RFA, RFI, RFP & RFQ Proposal Development & Submission Protocols
-SAM Compliance
-Accreditation and Licensing Application & Management
-Social Media Management
-Other Service/Protocol Specific Training based on the Clients needs

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